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When you need the ideal piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one in Anderson, SC, Turner's Jewelers can help you to choose the perfect gemstones and a unique customized setting. Read on to learn about purchasing diamonds for special occasions and engagements, using birthstones to create personalized pieces of jewelry, choosing Pandora jewelry to express your love and personality, and our amazing collection of Citizen Atomic Timekeeping watches.

Diamonds in Anderson SC

Diamond jewelry is the perfect option to show your appreciation, pride in achievements, and genuine love for your significant other. Turner's Jewelers offers a wide selection of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, though this is not the only occasion that is ideal for diamond jewelry. Diamond bracelets, necklaces, and pendants will be sure to brighten anyone's day and show the gift recipient just how much they are valued in your life.

Consider giving diamond jewelry on milestone occasions, like important birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and career achievements. Show your love and pride with elegant diamond jewelry in Anderson, South Carolina. However, before you purchase your diamond, you need to know a few things.

The 4 C's Of Diamond Quality

The 4 C's of diamond quality refer to the cut, the clarity, the color, and the carat weight. 

A common misconception is that the cut refers to the shape of the diamond (round, pear, emerald, etc). In reality, the cut refers to the ability of the diamond to sparkle in the light. 

The clarity of the diamond refers to the amount of (or lack of) inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are the internal characteristics of the diamond and blemishes are the external characteristics. These characteristics are created by the pressure and heat of the diamond's formation, and the fewer inclusions and blemishes there are, the more pure and valuable the diamond is.

The color of the diamond is measured in values that reflect the absence of color. This is not a reference to fancy colors, like blue or black, but a reference to the grading scale of clear diamonds which may be colorless, near colorless, faintly colored, or light in color. 

The carat weight of your diamond is the precise weight, measured in units (carats) that are the equivalent of 200 milligrams and are divided into points of 100. This means that you can have a 25 point diamond that is .25 carats. Naturally, larger and heavier diamonds are more valuable, though smaller diamonds can make a perfect beautiful gift as well. 

Birthstone Jewelry in Anderson, SC

When you want a perfectly personalized gift for your loved one in Anderson, SC, consider choosing a custom piece of birthstone jewelry. Many people think of graduation rings when they think of birthstone jewelry, but you can use these personal gemstones in many other creative jewelry gift ideas. 

Birthstone rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants are great for new mothers, old mothers, birthday gifts, and much more. You can add a special touch to your gift with a customized design and combination of multiple birthstones for a personally meaningful message.

Pandora Jewelry

Pandora jewelry is a very popular gift option in Anderson, SC. Pandora jewelry is a collection of symbolic beads that will express your heart in any occasion. There are beads designed to signify career success, happiness in love and marriage, pride in your family, and much more. Visit Turner's Jewelers to see our full selection of Pandora Jewelry and get a special gift for someone special to you.

Citizen Atomic Timekeeping Watches

A great gift for men and women, Citizen Atomic Timekeeping Watches are the most accurate watches available in Anderson, SC. They come in many styles and designs and automatically synchronize with an atomic clock each night to ensure that the timepiece is always spot on with an error margin of no more than one second in 100,000 years. These watches are great gifts for graduation, career advancement celebrations, and simply showing appreciation for someone important to you. 

To find the perfect jewelry in Anderson, SC to demonstrate your feelings, call Turner's Jewelers to discuss the available options and even customize a one of a kind piece.