Proposing to the woman of your dreams is a big deal. You want the perfect diamond ring to make the occasion as special and memorable as possible. You do not want to disappoint by making these common mistakes:

  • Not Knowing What She Likes: Maybe you see a diamond ring that seems perfect. It suits your style, and you know it will look beautiful on her finger. Maybe you found the ideal vintage style, have asked for the opinions of others, and it seems like the way to go. You make the purchase, you set the date, you surprise her with this exquisite diamond, and never even realize that she prefers the solitaire designs. She may never tell you, but you could have wowed her by simply knowing her tastes and what she likes. How can you find out what she likes? Ask her friends! Ask her parents! Pay attention to her, and notice what sort of jewelry she tends to prefer. 


  • Not Knowing Enough About Diamonds: If you're going to invest in that perfect diamond for your engagement, you need to know something about diamond quality. You don't want to make the mistake of an uneducated purchase. This is where you need to ask the experts at Turner's Jewelers in Seneca, SC. Our professionals know all there is to know about diamond quality, the various options for cut and style, and which gemstones pair well with each option. Don't be afraid to ask questions. This may be the most important jewelry purchase you ever make. Be sure that you make the right choice with the benefit of our experience and expertise.


  • Stressing Yourself Out: This is big moment in your life, possibly the biggest. It makes sense to worry over it and experience some stress in the decision of which diamond engagement ring you choose. You don't want to disappoint. You want to create the most magical moment with the perfect ring. However, it is not necessary to stress yourself out so much that you can't settle on a decision. Relax, take a deep breath, and take the time to get to know her preferences, her style, and the important information that you need to have about diamond quality, cut, and style. We are here to help, so you don't have to face this all important decision alone. It is okay to ask for advice from friends, relatives, and especially the professionals at Turner's Jewelers. We'll make sure that you find the diamond ring of her dreams with the least amount of stress.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you will find it much simpler to choose the perfect diamond ring for the love of your life. Know what you're doing! Know what she will love! Be open to advice and suggestions! And most of all, Relax! With the help of Turner's Jewelers, you're going to create a magical moment that she'll never forget.