The Evolution Of Citizens Atomic Timekeeping Technology

The journey towards atomic timekeeping technology began in 1989 with the Japanese watchmaker, Citizen started reaching towards the goal of creating a watch that ensures absolute precision. 

This company developed the necessary measuring instruments, like antennas capable of evaluating reception performance, and ultimately succeeded in developing the first standard radio signal reception IC in Japan. The first multi-band radio controlled timekeeping watch was debuted in 1993 with an antenna in the middle of the dial that allowed for total accuracy. 

In these initial atomic timekeeping watches, the antenna was very visible as a dividing line in the center of each watch. The design suffered for the necessity of accommodating this element, so Citizen worked to advance the technology until 2003 when it became possible to use a full metal case, powered by light and radio controlled. 

Over the years, Citizens atomic timekeeping technology has advanced to the stage where these guaranteed accuracy watches can be produced in smaller, slimmer designs and can even be customized to the unique individual taste of the wearer. 

Margin Of Error

The margin of error in Citizens atomic timekeeping technology is a single second in 100,000 years. There is no other watch in the world that guarantees more exact accuracy, as the time is consistently synchronized to an atomic clock with radio signals received by the antenna. 

The radio signals are received late at night to ensure that the watch is automatically adjusted to the correct day and time. By doing this at night instead of during the day, the watches avoid interference with smartphones and other electronics.

Eco-Drive Technology

Citizens atomic timekeeping watches use Eco-Drive technology, meaning that they are powered by any light source around you. It involves the use of light-powered analog quarts, invented by Citizen in 1976. The world's first Eco-Drive watch was developed in 1998, and the styles have evolved to include the use of radio controlled atomic timekeeping technology, lighter weight materials and designs, and Bluetooth. 

Even dim lighting can power the watches and never call for the hassle of batteries and battery replacement.  The watches can be charged with any source of light and can continue running on a full charge in total darkness, with absolute accuracy, for over six months. It is even possible to create watches that will be able to function for as much as seven years without needing to be recharged. 

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