One of the questions that is heard most often by our jewelers in Seneca, South Carolina, is: How should I clean and care for my jewelry? Naturally, this question is broad and does not specify the unique pieces of jewelry that can be ordered and customized with Turner's Jewelers, so we'll narrow it down to discuss the answer to this question based on different types of gemstones and precious metals. 

Clean And Care For Diamonds

Cleaning and caring for diamond jewelry involves using soft cleaning tools and gentle cleaning solutions. 

Follow these steps to care for your diamond jewelry:

  • Create a mild cleaning solution with one part ammonia and six parts water.
  • Gently apply this solution to your diamond with a soft bristle brush.
  • Rinse the diamond under clean running water. 
  • Carefully dry the diamond with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Another option to clean and restore your diamond jewelry is to have the diamond professionally cleaned periodically. At Turner's Jewelers, we will happily steam clean your jewelry and use ultrasonic cleaning techniques. Never attempt these methods on your own. 

Clean And Care For Other Gemstones

Gemstones are also fairly simple to clean and care for, though they cannot be handled in the same manner as diamonds. It's important to avoid chemical cleansers and high temperatures. However, the cleaning of gemstones does not require the same gentle cleaning solution that is advisable for diamonds. Soapy water is generally enough, and steam cleaningand ultrasonic cleaning are not advised. 

Follow these instructions to clean your gemstone jewelry:

  • Choose a mild soap cleanser.
  • Combine your mild soap with warm (not hot) water.
  • Use hands or a soft lint free cloth to gently clean the stones.
  • Use a soft and dry lint free cloth to dry the gemstones.

Not all gemstones are the same, and you will want to do your research and call the professionals and Turner's Jewelry for more information about your specific gemstones.

Clean And Care For Gold

Gold can easily be discolored and can even disintegrate if it is not property cared for. Harsh chemicals, including cleansers like household bleach, should always be avoided. 

To care for your gold jewelry, follow these steps:

  • Frequently examine the jewelry for issues. Ensure that clasps are secure and settings are snug. Check for discoloration and flaws. 
  • Regularly polish the jewelry with a soft cloth. 
  • Always store gold jewelry in a safe and protected place.

Gold does not tarnish the way that silver does, but it can be damaged if not properly cared for.

Clean And Care For Silver

Silver carries the same risks as gold, when it comes to being vulnerable to exposure to harsh chemicals and environmental hazards (like salt water, salty air, and sulfur products). However, silver can also become tarnished very easily. Like gold, it needs to be polished and frequently inspected for damage. 

Follow these steps to clean and care for your silver jewelry:

  • Choose a non-abrasive silver polish to remove tarnish.
  • Choose a soft cloth made for polishing silver.
  • Pay careful attention to fine details and deep grooves.
  • Always store silver jewelry in a safe and protected place.

Silver jewelry is professionally polished with a rhodium finish to protect from tarnishing. You can contact Turner's Jewelry at any time to learn more about caring for your own jewelry and what sort of professional cleaning and polishing services are available. 

As long as you periodically inspect your jewelry for flaws, tarnishing, discoloration, etc., you should have no trouble keeping it as beautiful as the day it was made.