Combining birthstones into a custom designed piece of jewelry is an excellent way to express the unique life, love, and personality of yourself or someone you care for. Birthstone jewelry makes a great gift to yourself to represent those who are important to you and a touching and meaningful gift to demonstrate your appreciation for someone special in your life.

Occasions For Birthstone Jewelry

There are many occasions for birthstone jewelry, from birth to marriage. Consider some of the following opportunities to design a unique piece of jewelry that incorporates birthstones:

  • Birth of New Baby Jewelry
  • Milestone Birthday Jewelry
  • Class Rings & Graduation Jewelry
  • Traditional Engagement Rings (paired with traditional diamonds)
  • Non-traditional Engagement Jewelry (with or without diamonds)
  • Wedding Bands
  • Mother's Day Jewelry
  • Anniversary Jewelry

Who Do You Love?

Before you decide on the style and design for the gemstone jewelry, determine the number of individuals you plan to represent with the birthstones. Create a list of names, write down the birth month of each person, and check those dates with the following chart:

Choose The Type Of Jewelry

Once you have the number of birthstones that you need, you can choose the ideal piece of jewelry for displaying them. Maybe you are giving a gift to a grandmother with several grandchildren to represent in a bracelet or necklace design. Maybe the gift is for a new mother who has one child to represent on a simple necklace, bracelet or ring designed to allow for modification/stacking for future children's birthstones. Perhaps the jewelry is intended to represent only the one wearing it with a single birthstone, as for graduation and birthday celebrations; or it could be that the birthstones should complement an engagement diamond with the birthstones of the couple incorporated in a ring. 

Whatever the occasion and intent of the jewelry, Turner's Jewelers can help you to choose the ideal type and style before customizing the design to create a special singular piece of birthstone jewelry.

Customize The Design

The perfect extraordinary design of your birthstone jewelry is also dependent on the number of stones, the meaning and intent of the gift or personal purchase, and the potential for adding additional birthstones in the future. 

Birthstones that represent children and grandchildren may be best incorporated into a design that allows for the future. Class rings can be customized with name and date inscriptions and images in the ring and beneath the stone.  Engagement rings and wedding bands can also be inscribed with the initials, dates, and meaningful short phrases. 

You can choose from the available designs at Turner's Jewelers, take inspiration from these designs and add your own custom touches, or work with our staff to create a uniquely identifying item of jewelry that perfectly suits your vision or the preference of the recipient. Contact Turner's Jewelers to learn more about the process of customizing birthstone jewelry.