There are many ways to support the cause that is most important to you. Whether you want to support research and awareness of a particular illness or other cause or whether you want to promote literacy, express patriotism, or share your faith and values, consider wearing something symbolic of the cause.

Research & Awareness

Jewelry is a great way to support a cause for the research and awareness of cancers, mental illnesses, disabilities, addictions, and various syndromes, defects, and diseases that may have affected your life. For example, to support breast cancer awareness, you can choose pink gemstones (pink diamonds, pink opals, pink pearls, etc.), ribbon design details in beads, pendants and bands, and/or rose gold.

Other examples of research and awareness causes that you can support with custom designed jewelry with a positive message include:

  • Autism & Asperger's Syndrome - Puzzle piece designs, primary colors, rainbow infinity symbol
  • Down Syndrome - Blue and yellow
  • Addiction Recovery - Blue, teal
  • Alzheimer's Disease - Purple
  • Sleep Disorders - Black
  • Mental Health - Green
  • Anxiety Disorders - Teal
  • Stickler Syndrome - Purple and green
  • Pregnancy Loss / Infant Loss / SIDS - Pink and blue
  • AIDS & HIV - Red
  • Adult Disabilities - Burgundy
  • Lou Gehrig's Disease - White, navy blue, stripes
  • Spinal Injuries - Cream
  • Diabetes - Grey, blue, circular designs, round settings
  • Turner Syndrome - Blue, butterfly symbol
  • Rare Diseases - Black and white, zebra pattern
  • Cancers - Lavender
  • Cervical Cancer - Teal and white
  • Bone Cancer - Yellow
  • Ovarian Cancer - Silver
  • Colorectal Cancer - Blue, star symbol
  • Lung Cancer - Pearl

Literacy & Education

If literacy and education are among the causes that you value and support, there are plenty of options to demonstrate this in your custom designed jewelry. Green ribbons represent literacy and there are plenty of symbols to represent your support and advocacy of promoting education. Consider PANDORA beads, pendants shaped like books with green bead or gemstone accents. You could even engrave an inspiring quote in the band of a bracelet or ring. 

Family & Values

The importance of your family and values can be expressed through the symbolism of gemstones of various colors and symbols that represent any specific cause that speaks to you. Expressing your love for your family can be as simple as choosing their gemstones for your customized jewelry and family symbols for beads or pendants. To express your support for a cause that is special to your own family and/or values, you can incorporate any of the following:

  • March of Dimes (Health of Mothers and Babies) - Purple
  • Adoption - Pink
  • Human Rights for Family Caregivers - Blue and orange
  • White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood - Pearls, Opals
  • Anti Bullying - Teal
  • Opposition to Cruelty against Animals - Orange
  • Pro-Life - Pink and blue
  • Pro-Choice - Blue

Patriotism & Politics

You can also create jewelry that expresses your love for your country, your support of our troops, and your political beliefs. Choose gemstone and bead colors like red, white, and blue to demonstrate your patriotism and symbols to share your unique view of the world. Consider including symbols that reveal your values and religion in your custom piece of patriotic jewelry. 

Religion & Faith

Another way to show who you truly are and what is important to you is to incorporate your religion and faith into the symbolism of your custom jewelry. You can choose religious symbols for beads and pendants, like the common cross or Christian fish symbol, the Star of David, the Om symbol, etc. It all depends on what you believe and how you want to express it. 

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