PANDORA bracelets have become incredibly popular since the company first introduced their ideas of unique individuality in jewelry 30 years ago. Of course, PANDORA offers more than just bracelets (with necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, and more available), but it is these 'charming' bracelets that really took the world by storm. 

The perfect beauty and symbolism of the charms make PANDORA bracelets an excellent option to tell your story and an ideal gift to express your feelings for another.

What's Your Story?

When you choose PANDORA charm jewelry, you have the opportunity to really tell a story. This is your chance to describe (in a way that words cannot) your pride in accomplishments, your love for your family, the connection that you feel with your best friend, andthe importance of music, pets, hobbies, and career in your life. 

To get a full appreciation for the possibilities created by PANDORA, just take a look at the following charm themes and products:

  • Letters & Numbers: Combining the right letters and numbers can expressyour identity, your love, or your philosophy. Think of using initials, birth dates, other lucky and special numbers, or acronyms like WWJD, YOLO, or something more personal to you or your gift recipient.  
  • Animals: PANDORA animal charms can express love for a specific pet, the significance of a career or volunteering with animals, an interest in a favorite species, a lucky animal, or a totem animal that one can relate to on a deep level. There are birds, dogs, cats, turtles, elephants, fish, and much more to choose from.
  • Family & Friends: There is no better way to tell someone how much you care for, love, respect, and need them in your life than with a personalized gift with charms that express their meaning to you. There are silhouette family charms, baby handprint charms, and beautifully engraved heats and pendants to choose from.
  • Hobbies & Occasions: The PANDORA charm design options for hobbies and occasions are extensive, with a way to express just about anything of importance to anyone. There are charms for the painter, the actor, the athlete, the dancer, and the musician in your life. You'll find charms to create the ideal gift for holidays, graduation, birthdays, anniversaries,  and more.
  • Special Symbols: The amazing thing about PANDORA charm jewelry is the diverse range of symbols available to express the unique nature of your story. There are engraved hearts with birth stones, lucky symbols (like the four leaf clover, lucky horseshoe, and symbol of protection), religious symbols (like crosses and the Star of David), philosophical symbols (like infinity symbol and symbol of insight), and many other symbols to express the individual inside.

So, what's your story and how do you want to tell it? For PANDORA charms in Seneca, SC, visit Turner's Jewelers to learn more about the unique PANDORA charms and jewelry available to express what you want to say.