Throw a rock at the girl of your dreams.

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How to Select the Dream Engagement Ring

You’ve done it. You’ve found the girl. You’ve asked her parents. Now it’s time to find the ring. 

All of a sudden, you find yourself paying attention to anything she says about jewelry and talking to your friends about their engagement experiences (which only helps so much–all of their wives have such different taste in rings!) You realize that shopping for a ring could be much more difficult than you anticipated. 

Here are some helpful tips from Turner’s on selecting a ring as unique and stunning as she is:

If you and your future fiancée have discussed engagement at length, you’ve got it easy. Bring her to Turner’s for ring sizing and discussion on what she’d like. Just for future reference, of course. 

Contrary to the above option, if you feel that popping the question should truly be popping the question (or if your SO loves surprises), you will have a little more work to do. 

Learn. Educating yourself on diamond quality, different gem options (such as sapphire, black diamonds, emeralds, etc.), and precious metal characteristics will help you make the most of your budget and time. Our staff at Turner’s is willing and qualified to tell you everything you need to know. 

Utilize the help of girlfriends. They probably already know what she likes, but if not, they can certainly ask what her preferred precious metal, gem cut, and style are. Speaking of which…

Your future bride will be wearing the ring, not you. You may be a fan of solitaires, but she may adore the sparkling gem clusters found in vintage styles. Well, ring style is the time where compromise goes out the window and you pay close attention to her preferences. 

If you can’t find the one in the store, consider going custom. It is not as complex or costly as most of us imagine when we hear the word “custom.” On the contrary, custom rings can be budget-savers. Our clients love the intensely personal nature of custom designs. 

Ring sizing. Sneak off with a ring she wears to be sized. If it’s a little off, the engagement ring can be re-sized later.  

Relax. Once you have done your homework, have confidence in your ability to find a ring she will love. We have confidence in you.

Come in to Turner’s today for more engagement ring advice!

Wedding Bands

If your chosen engagement ring is not a part of a set, Turner’s offers wedding bands from various brands as well as custom-fit bands and jackets.  

Bridal Jewelry

Wedding ring sets aren’t the only pieces from your special day that you will keep for a lifetime: bridal jewelry can be a delightfully elaborate complement to simple dress or an understated whisper of glamour. In addition to looks, bridal jewelry is sentimental and is often selected with longevity in mind. 

Come in to Turner’s to discuss what you have in mind for your bridal jewelry. With our brand selection and custom creativity, we can make the old like new or make the new oh-so-you