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Find great diamond, gemstone, and Pandora jewelry gifts, uniquely customized to your preferences in Clemson, SC with Turner's Jewelers. Our expert jewelers will assist you in designing your one of a kind gift, choosing the perfect diamond based on the four C's, selecting the ideal gemstone for your birthstone jewelry, or the discovering the best combination of Pandora beads for any occasion. We also have a selection of Citizen Atomic Timekeeping Watches to suit any style and personality.

Diamond Jewelry in Clemson, South Carolina

Are you getting engaged or married? Are you celebrating a special anniversary? Do you simply want to show your love and appreciation on an important occasion (or to create one)? Diamond jewelry is a fantastic way to express what your heart wants to say. 

When you purchase diamond rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, or other jewelry in Clemson, SC, you want to pay attention to the four all important C's of diamond quality: Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity

What Are The Four C's?

Color - Diamond color is graded on a scale which actually tells you about the diamond's absence of color. A perfectly clear diamond is the highest grade and most valuable choice, through diamonds can be faintly colored or light in color also. Then there are the fancy colors, of another category, that are naturally colored in shades of blue, green, black, etc.

Carat - The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. One carat is 200 milligrams. These carats are then divided into a point system with 100 points. Thus, a 1 carat diamond is 200 milligrams, whereas a 25 point diamond (.25 carats) is 50 milligrams in weight. Heavier diamonds have a higher value, though the right combination of color, carat, cut, and clarity can make the perfect gift, even in smaller stones.

Cut - The cut of your diamond refers to its sparkle, not its shape. Diamonds can be purchase in a variety of shapes, such as pear, emerald, and round, and this is an important aspect of your unique custom jewelry; but the cut - the sparkle - is what will really catch her eye.

Clarity - Diamonds are formed by pressure and heat which cause internal characteristics known as inclusions and external characteristics known as blemishes. The fewer inclusions and blemishes of the diamond, the clearer it is, and the more unique and extraordinarily beautiful it will be.

Clemson, SC Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is a wonderful option for those who want to give a uniquely identifying and expressive ring, necklace, pendant, or bracelet. This is an ideal gift for special occasions and milestones in Clemson, SC. Choose customized birthstone jewelry for birthdays, new births, mother's day, special birthdays and anniversaries, graduations, or career achievements.

Customized Pandora Jewelry

The beauty of Pandora jewelry is in its diversity of styles and designs for beads that can be combined to perfectly express a special feeling and important memory. Choose symbolic Pandora beads to share your pride in your love, your family, and your accomplishments in life. Then, combine those symbols into a special bracelet or necklace that tells your story. Find an extensive collection of Pandora beads in Clemson, SC at Turner's Jewelers. 

Citizen Atomic Timekeeping Watches

When you want a practical and luxurious gift for someone special in your life, consider a Citizen Atomic Timekeeping Watch. These are watches that are perfectly accurate, synchronized daily with an atomic clock via radio waves. They are precise with no more than one second of discrepancy per 100,000 years. 

These watches also come in many different modern and brilliant designs that represent sophistication and status. They are perfect for graduations, career advancement celebrations, anniversaries, and milestone birthdays. Show someone that you believe in them with Citizen Atomic Timekeeping watches from Turner's Jewelers, a jewelry store in Clemson.

In fact, come to Turner's Jewelers for all of your unique and customized jewelry needs. Our expert jewelers will help you come up with the perfect gift for any person and any occasion.